Ian Lamont Lean Media eventInterested in bringing Lean Media to your company, classroom, or organization? Then consider hosting a Lean Media event! Founder Ian Lamont will give a presentation covering Lean Media basics as well as examples and best practices for specific types of media.

Boston-area appearances as well as video presentations up to 1 hour in length are free through July 2017. Presentations in other locations need to cover travel expenses. Contact for more information.

Lean Media event schedule

May 2016: Harvard University (HEAA Innovation Symposium)

April 2017: Portland, Oregon (2017 Publishing University panel, “A Lean Approach to Book Publishing”)

Fall 2017: Boston University

Recent publications

Mediashift, January 2016: Lean Media: A New Framework for Media Production and Innovation

IBPA Independent, June 2016: How to Go Lean to Improve Output

Mediashift, August 2016: The Book Industry’s ‘Gut Instinct’ Problem

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