Lean Media book update: Starting the third draft!

By | January 17, 2017

Lean Media book draft

The Lean Media book project is still on track. In November, I wrapped up the second draft and sent it out to a group of beta readers including media professionals and lay readers. I am now synthesizing their feedback and determining what parts need to be brought back into the third draft. There are some common themes that came up, including:

  • Request for more visuals
  • Lighten up on the business school background
  • Boost contemporary Lean Media examples

These are areas that I intend to address in the third draft. There were also many other suggestions about specific parts of the draft, some of which I will incorporate and others that shall be ignored. Keep in mind that Lean Media feedback doesn’t entail following every whim of test audiences. It’s up to the creative team (myself and my editor) to determine the core vision or focus of the book and improve the media based on what we think matters most.

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