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Modes Vu’s lean approach to art photography publishing

Last month, N.E.O. Bernhardsson, a Hong Kong-based publisher, reached out to me after reading about Lean Media online. Independently, he and his Modes Vu team have developed a system that uses Lean Media principles and processes to develop art photography books featuring relatively unknown photographers from China and elsewhere. This post and interview will describe… Read More »

Surrogate Audiences and Lean Media

The following draft chapter needs your feedback! Please leave comments below or contact the author at ian@leanmedia.org. Regardless of whether they use Lean Media methods or not, media pros frequently rely upon surrogate audiences to understand the market for new media. Surrogate audiences are groups of people who like media that’s similar to what you… Read More »

Prototype vs. soft launch

So I am working on a new chapter for my Lean Media book that covers the Lean Media flowchart (see an early version of the flowchart here). Conceptually I thought I was pretty clear on what the different stages entailed. A prototype was a rough or incomplete version of the media being developed. By the time… Read More »

Lean Media example: Scott Adams grows Dilbert

Over the weekend, I listened to Tim Ferriss interview Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoon strip. Before hearing the interview, I knew about Dilbert. It’s a classic. Everyone who has worked in an office can appreciate Adams’ relentless satire of office life. But I knew very little about the history of the strip, or Adams’… Read More »

Lean Media Project Planner – some examples

Last month I introduced the Lean Media Project Planner for new media ventures. It’s a one-page tool for creators/producers/entrepreneurs to plan the development of new ventures using the core tenets of the lean media framework. Today, I am sharing some examples that illustrate how it works. I am starting with Led Zeppelin I (a lean media example that… Read More »

Creating hit programs at Netflix and Amazon: It’s not just about data

There is a newly released TED talk on ted.com titled “How to use data to make a hit TV show.” The speaker is Sebastian Wernicke, a data scientist (and former animator) who makes an interesting comparison about the rival political dramas House of Cards (Netflix) and Alpha House (Amazon). The video, which was shot last… Read More »

“Fat launch” example: English newscast in Taiwan

Let me illustrate the “fat launch” mindset with an example. In the mid-1990s, a Taiwanese broadcaster hired me to help produce a daily English-language television newscast. Why have an English TV show in a market that had more than 20 million Mandarin and Taiwanese speakers, but only a small population of foreigners residing in the… Read More »