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Lean media example: The Simpsons

Earlier we looked at a lean media example of a rock supergroup, Led Zeppelin. Today we will examine The Simpsons, the long-running Fox animated series. For a primer on lean media, check out the intro, the lean media framework, and its fat media counterpart. Production team: In the late 1980s, writer/director James L. Brooks was… Read More »

Lean media example: Led Zeppelin I

I’ve described the lean media framework, and compared it with its fat media predecessor. Now, let’s look at an example: Led Zeppelin I, the first album by the British hard rock quartet. Production team: The band included guitarist Jimmy Page (who was the producer of the album), singer Robert Plant, bassist John Paul Jones, and… Read More »

Draft introduction to Lean Media In 30 Minutes

The following is a draft chapter from Lean Media 1.0. I need your input! Please let me know what works and what doesn’t work in the comments section. Also, if you know someone who would like this, please share it with them! What do The Huffington Post, The Simpsons, Minecraft, and Led Zeppelin’s first album have in common?… Read More »