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“Fat launch” example: English newscast in Taiwan

Let me illustrate the “fat launch” mindset with an example. In the mid-1990s, a Taiwanese broadcaster hired me to help produce a daily English-language television newscast. Why have an English TV show in a market that had more than 20 million Mandarin and Taiwanese speakers, but only a small population of foreigners residing in the… Read More »

The fat launch playbook

If you have ever been involved in the creation and launch of a media product—whether it be a new recording or a website or a book or a newspaper column—you’ve probably dealt with a scenario that looks something like this: This simple outline glosses over a lot of small steps, but the basic structure can… Read More »

Lean media is not a panacea

Before we continue, I want to be very clear about something: Lean media does not guarantee success. The music, gaming, and online publishing industries are littered with projects and collaborations and experiments that never amounted to much. They eventually were killed by their creators, or faded away into obscurity because they couldn’t scale or couldn’t… Read More »