Lean Media book update: Starting the third draft!

The Lean Media book project is still on track. In November, I wrapped up the second draft and sent it out to a group of beta readers including media professionals and lay readers. I am now synthesizing their feedback and determining what parts need to be brought back into the third draft. There are some… Read More »

Surrogate Audiences and Lean Media

The following draft chapter needs your feedback! Please leave comments below or contact the author at ian@leanmedia.org. Regardless of whether they use Lean Media methods or not, media pros frequently rely upon surrogate audiences to understand the market for new media. Surrogate audiences are groups of people who like media that’s similar to what you… Read More »

The 3 principles of Lean Media (v 0.3)

In my July update, I mentioned the development of the three principles of Lean Media, which came out of my work on the Lean Media book as well as my spring presentation to a small audience that included media people. In this post, I will describe the 3 principles of Lean Media in more detail, and present a diagram… Read More »

Prototype vs. soft launch

So I am working on a new chapter for my Lean Media book that covers the Lean Media flowchart (see an early version of the flowchart here). Conceptually I thought I was pretty clear on what the different stages entailed. A prototype was a rough or incomplete version of the media being developed. By the time… Read More »

What is lean manufacturing?

The following post is excerpted from the manuscript of my book about Lean Media. I will respond to comments, corrections, and other feedback at the bottom of the page. I was introduced to lean business theories while attending MIT. One of my Supply Chain Management instructors, Charles Fine, mentioned lean manufacturing in a discussion of different… Read More »